Data shows that the hard seltzer craze is slowly fizzling out. However, there will ALWAYS be an “It” drink of the times. In the summer of ‘21 it was the espresso martini; this past summer it was the Dirty Shirley. If you’re on TikTok, you probably see the Negroni sbagliato everywhere. So, we took a quick look into our crystal ball to see what's in store for these “It” drinks, and we’ve got 3 predictions that all involve Cool Cat.

#1. The Wine Spritzer

The numbers don’t lie. In recent years, people have been buying wine spritzers more than ever. Remember when the Aperol Spritz had its moment in the sun? Now, there is a broader family of spritzer offerings for all tastes. For everything there is a season, but wine spritzers are an “It” drink for every season. They can be used to liven up an autumn sangria or a cranberry cocktail. You really can’t go wrong.

#2. The Negroni

Ah, TikTok, where all trends begin. When Emma D’Arcy from HBO’s House of the Dragon mentioned that her favorite drink was a Negroni sbagliato “with a little prosecco in it,” the clip went viral. 

Kick your sbagliato up a notch by subbing out prosecco with Cool Cat! Our different flavors will add interesting contrasts to the campari - try the Grapefruit, which we like to use in our take on the Aperol Spritz.

#3. Tropical Tiki Cocktails

After a challenging couple of years, people are ready to celebrate more than ever. Perhaps this is why tropical tiki cocktails have grown in popularity. From rum punches to Mai Tais to Zombies, expect to see tropical cocktails on more and more “It” lists.

Cool Cat has a great tropical cocktail recipe of our own.  

Whether the hard seltzer is over or not, we know one thing for certain: Cool Cat is IT…and that’s that.