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What is a spritzer?

Simply put, a wine spritzer is a cocktail made with wine, club soda, and ice. White wine spritzers are considered the original, but now there are several wine spritzer drink recipes for every palate. We suggest you try ours.

What's the difference between a wine spritzer and a hard seltzer?

Hard seltzers consist of sparkling water and an alcohol base such as spirits, wine, malt, or cane sugar. Wine spritzers always contain a wine base, adding depth to the flavor. Acknowledging that taste matters, Cool Cat proudly asserts, “We don’t spike, we spritz.”

So, are Cool Cat wine spritzers considered a canned cocktail?

Yes, Cool Cat’s drinks are considered a canned white wine cocktail. Each of the four flavors - Elderflower Mint Lime, Citrus, Grapefruit, and Berry - can be enjoyed as a premixed cocktail in a can, over ice like a traditional wine spritzer, or as part of your favorite wine spritzer recipe. Check out some of ours here.

How does Cool Cat taste?

Each of these sweet alcoholic drinks in a can is light and refreshing, providing an amazing wine drinking experience for every palate. Elderflower Mint Lime contains shades of the Hugo Spritz and makes a perfect aperitivo to any meal. Citrus and Grapefruit are the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Berry is crisp and delicious. All four flavors are the perfect go-to cocktail spritzer for any occasion or season.

How much alcohol is in a wine spritzer?

Each of these premixed alcoholic drinks contains 6.9% alc/vol.

What kind of wine is in Cool Cat spritzers?

Cool Cat wine cocktails are made with premium California white wine.

Where do the grapes come from for Cool Cat's wine?

The grapes in Cool Cat wine spritzers come from Calornia white wine vineyards.

What is the wine glass equivalent of a can of Cool Cat? Or the bottle equivalent of a 4-pack?

Cool Cat spritzers are one of the best alcoholic drinks to buy if you’re looking for a good value. One can is the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine. A 4-pack is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine.

Are Cool Cat drinks considered a premixed cocktail, or can you use them as a mixer?

Cool Cat spritzers are definitely premixed cocktails in a can, but you can also include them in your favorite spritzer recipes for mules, mojitos, sangrias, and more. Check out our recipe page for some delicious ideas.

What are the nutrition facts of Cool Cat spritzers?

Each 12 oz. can of Cool Cat contains a mere 140 calories, 2g of sugar, and is gluten free.

Are Cool Cat drinks considered a malt beverage?

No, Cool Cat is a wine-based cocktail.

Are Cool Cat drinks gluten-free?

Cool Cat drinks are gluten-free.

Is Cool Cat available in stores, or only online?

Cool Cat premixed spritzers are available online and in a variety of liquor stores and other locations. You can search here for a liquor store near you that carries our product. However, you can save money by buying them online.

Do I need to be home when my Cool Cat order is delivered?

Shipments containing alcohol do require that an adult (21 yo +) be available in person to show proof of age and sign for the package. Carriers of alcohol will not leave packages containing alcohol unattended even if you have a signature on file. If no one of legal age is available to sign for the package at home, we suggest having it shipped to your place of work or holding it at the nearest FedEx location. Check out our full shipping policies here.

When do orders ship?

It’s our goal to fulfill and ship all orders within 1-3 business days after an order has been placed. Check out our full shipping policies here.

Can I track my order?

When your package is created with a shipping label and sent out into the mail-stream, you will receive an email notification with tracking information. Orders generally take 1-7 days for delivery when shipped ground. Orders to Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas may take slightly longer due to the use of local carriers in those states. If you have not received a tracking email after three business days, contact info@drinkcoolcat.com for assistance. Check out our full shipping policies here.

Where does Cool Cat ship?

Cool Cat ships to all states in the continental US except for Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Utah. Check out our full shipping policies here.

Can I recycle Cool Cat cans?

Yes you can recycle Cool Cat cans, and as friends of the environment, we hope you do.