Three friends walk through the desert with cans of Cool Cat Wine Spritzer in their pockets.

These days, a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with your besties isn’t just a great idea - it’s a standard part of the season. After all, our closest crew is sometimes like our second family, so what’s the harm in celebrating twice in one month?

The best part of Thanksgiving may be the food, but we all know the best part of Friendsgiving is the party. It’s time to kick off the holidays in style.

Tip #1: Make the night easy for yourself or your guests. A potluck dinner is the way to go. Save the stuffing for Thanksgiving Day, and if you still want a turkey, have it delivered. Actually, forget the menu altogether if you want and take a roadtrip instead. Who said your Friendsgiving needs food?

Tip #2: Remember, you are what you drink 😜 If the bevs are light, bubbly and festive, then the atmosphere will be, too. A canned spritzer with 6.9% alcohol and only 140 calories will definitely do the trick. Save the guilt (and the scale) for the day after Thanksgiving.

Tip #3: Make sure your gratitude is seen and heard. Use this celebration as an opportunity to tell your crew just how thankful you are that they’re in your life.

From the first “cheers!” of the day to the very last sip, Cool Cat is here to make this year's Friendsgiving one for the books, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.