Two cans of Cool Cat cocktail in wrapping paper.

Ah, the holidays…No matter how you celebrate them, there’s no denying that your social calendars will blow up this month. December is the season of gift giving, and whether you’re on the guest list or hosting, the question of the ages remains - What do I get?

While some naysayers might disagree that a sparkling cocktail is the perfect choice, the proof is in the holiday pudding that people are gifting wine and spirits more than ever before. Why? Because they’re rarely returned, they provide memorable experiences, and they’re undeniably fun.

If this is the route you’re going to take, don’t be lame. This year, think outside the box (or in our case, the can). Here are some ways you can make Cool Cat the coolest guest at the party. Start with your favorite 4 pack and then consider the following:

● Create a cocktail starter kit: Purchase agave syrup, bitters, and maybe some maraschino cherries and then place all the above in a nicely decorated basket. 

● Shop for a bottle of their favorite Vodka, Tequila, Gin, or whatever and pair it together with a shaker and a couple of cocktail glasses.

● If you're feeling crafty, put together a recipe book with all of their favorite mixed cocktails. Be sure to include some of these

● Is that a Cool Cat in your stocking or are you just happy to see us? If you celebrate Santa-style, we bet you never thought about putting sparkling cocktails in someone’s stocking. Trust us, they’ll appreciate them more than those playing cards. 

The Merry Berry holiday cocktail next to a can of Cool Cat Berry Wine Spritzer.

If you’re the host with the most, make sure you do it in style:

● Crank up the perfect holiday mix. The right tunes with the right crew = a night to remember. Click here to download Cool Cat’s Holiday Mix. 

● Create a simple custom cocktail that will get the crowd buzzin’. Cool Cat’s Merry Berry will do the trick.

● Live in the moment. We know hosting can be stressful, but your energy is contagious. If you’re relaxed and ready to celebrate, your squad will follow your lead.

However you decide to celebrate, remember that the greatest gifts are the ones you already have - your family, your friends, your community…Anything extra is just the bow on top.