Ashley Byrd holds a Grapefruit Cool Cat Wine Spritzer by the pool.

There are these rare, magical moments in life when you meet someone whose inner beauty matches their outer beauty, and they possess an unexplainable, magnetic vibe that draws you to them. Ashley Byrd is one of those people. Whether she’s modeling, hitting the basketball courts, or hiking, this bikini-loving Cool Cat is always on the go. She took time out of her busy day to sit with us for a few minutes so we could discuss the outdoors, friendship, music, and marching to her own beat.

How is nature and outdoors important for you, and what role does it play in your life?

I've always been outdoorsy. I enjoy going to the park sometimes and just sitting under a tree, reading a book and grounding, so it definitely plays a major role because it helps me reset.

Ashley Byrd sits with friends in the pool with cans of Cool Cat wine cocktails.

“I love community and friendship. I think that it helps us stay grounded, helps us remember where we come from.”

What are your thoughts about exercising, adventure and wellness in general ?

Oh, love it! I like to feel my best. I like to look good. So when I'm exercising, when I'm just constantly moving, I feel great. When I'm eating right, I can definitely tell the difference in my body.

What do you like the most about summer?


What three words describe a summer vibe?

Beaches, bikinis, and crawfish because I’m a southern girl.

In one sentence, can you describe a perfect summer pool day?

Laying out by the pool with my drinks and just hanging out with family and friends.

What are your views on community and friendship?

I come from a background where, you know, we don't even have to send out invitations for the party because the neighborhood already knows that they're welcome. So, I love community and friendship. I think that it helps us stay grounded, helps us remember where we come from.

In a few words, can you define what being a Cool Cat means to you?

Oh, livin’ free! Fun!

What’s your relationship with music?

It's a love-hate relationship. I enjoy music mostly in the morning, or when I’m cooking. It helps put me in the right mood.

How do you march to your own beat?

By doing my own thing when I feel like it. Just doing what I do.

Ashley Byrd sits by the pool with a Grapefruit Cool Cat Wine Spritzer.

We end our conversation with Ashley describing her favorite Cool Cat flavor, Grapefruit, and she explains that even though she’s not big on the fruit itself, “This is really good!” followed by her contagious laughter. And with that, she picks up her things, says goodbye, and heads out to tackle the rest of her day, livin’ free as only she knows how to do.