Canned wine cocktails have been shaking up the scene lately, offering convenience that's hard to beat. No one wants to wrestle with corkscrews and glass bottles when all they have to do is grab a pack of Cool Cat Sparkling Cocktails and head off to the beach, the mountains, or a picnic. Simplicity and convenience are key, yet they aren't the only advantages. There's another great reason to pop the can, not the cork - sustainability!

Aluminum Cans are Lighter & More Transportable

When it comes to the ease and convenience of transporting your favorite sparkling wine cocktails, keeping things lightweight and durable is key. Three cans of Cool Cat weigh only half as much as a glass bottle, but they carry just as much volume. Lighter materials require less trucks for transportation, resulting in less fuel consumption. What’s even better is that aluminum is durable; you can take it with you on any adventure and never have to worry about cleaning up broken glass. The environmental benefits are the cherry on top. Cool Cat 4 packs, equivalent to nearly two full bottles of wine, are a win-win solution for all your on-the-go beverage needs.

Cans Get Recycled More Than Glass Bottles

Final Jeopardy question: Which gets recycled more often - glass bottles or cans? If you guessed cans, then you’re taking home the cash! Our shiny metal friend is the most recycled material on the planet and recycled in almost every county in the US. Thanks to its popularity, when you buy a 'new' aluminum can, you’re buying 70% recycled material. That’s some serious sustainability! In contrast, two-thirds of US counties don’t even recycle glass bottles. Even when you toss them in the blue bin, they often retire to landfills for thousands of years. When you hold a Cool Cat can, you're holding something that has already been part of the recycling cycle once and is poised to do it again.

Recycling Cans is More Efficient than with Bottles

Even if bottles and cans were recycled at the same rate, cans would still be the sustainability MVP. Glass bottles have to be broken down and melted at scorching temperatures, guzzling energy like it's going out of style. On the other hand, cans get a gentler treatment, melting down at lower temperatures and consuming less energy in the process. It's like choosing between a leisurely stroll down a breezy street or a marathon in the desert. A total no brainer.

In a nutshell, when it comes to wine cocktails, cans are the stars of sustainability. By choosing to purchase Cool Cat, you help keep bottles out of landfills and shrink your carbon footprint. So, the next time you crave great taste and sparkling refreshment, pop the can, not the cork with Cool Cat and sip your way to a cooler, greener world—without the waste!