"Best Spritzer: Cool Cat Citrus Wine Spritzer" "Best Spritzer: Cool Cat Citrus Wine Spritzer"



Following in the footsteps of beer and soda, wines are more commonly getting the can treatment. But don’t let this alarm you—it’s not a signal of lesser quality, nor does it mean the flavors and the aromas you love will be altered by the container. It just means that you can easily slip a 6-pack of vino into your bag on your way to a picnic.

Incidentally, picnics are typically where the ideas for new canned wines emerge. Cool Cat founder Rocco Venneri cooked up his canned wine concept at a Mother’s Day barbeque. “Building on increased consumer interest in health and wellness, I set out to create a great-tasting, low-calorie, portable beverage made with natural ingredients.” Pretty cool. What’s also cool is the amount of wine that comes in a can. From 125mls (about a glass) to 375mls (half a bottle) there is certainly a size for everyone and every kind of wine drinker. There’s also a style for every palate out there.


Founder Rocco Venneri is on two missions. First, to make great canned wine, and second, to bring attention to minorities in the wine biz. Cool Cat is meant to embody the “fearless community of Cool Cats,” who are like-minded individuals that share similar values and experiences, inclusive of “all genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations,” as Venneri puts it.

California pinot grigio and pure cane sugar make the base for this spritzer that falls down the hatch with a pleasant sizzle. Light on calories, but heavy on character, reminding us to “calm down,” to quote Tailor Swift, and talk evenly about the things in life that matter most—good health, good friends, and an affinity for just how far wine spritzers have come since the 1990s.


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