Two young people filming a video while holding a Berry Cool Cat Wine Spritzer.

From the Rat Pack to the Brat Pack to the Fashion Pack, people cut from the same cloth famously run free together. 

And while freedom and individualism are definitely our thing, we also believe that friendship and community are integral to a happy and fulfilling life—we’re talking in-person relationships with human beings we know (not the ones we see on social media, TV, and in movies).

Of course, summer is the best time for running with our pack, whether we’re hitting the music-festival circuit, hosting a pool party, or organizing a boat trip with our favorite people (ideally with a cooler full of Cool Cats in close proximity).

Two young people holding a can of Berry Cool Cat Wine Spritzer.

There’s so much to love about being with your crew: recapping the day’s adventures, laughing uncontrollably, cheesin’ for the ‘gram, sharing secrets…the list goes on. But the role that genuine friendship and community plays in our lives is often overlooked. 

Your best buds are totally feeding your mind and body in ways you may not have known, but you’ve definitely felt. 

Research shows that your good friends: 

Provide you with a greater sense of belonging and purpose

Release endorphins that increase levels of happiness and decrease levels of stress

Improve your self-confidence

Strengthen your immune system over time

Help you cope with the traumas and difficulties that sometimes get in your way

Influence you for better or worse

Two young adults holding up 4-packs of Berry Cool Cat Wine Spritzers.

Life can be a serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be. You’re in control of the steering wheel. When you’ve found that perfect crew, the friends who really get you, celebrate them and never let them go. Recharge and catch some rays, but then plan something epic that you can all look forward to. And before you take off:

Summertime glow? Check.

Feeling cute? Check.

Your pack of friends in attendance? Check.

Several packs of Cool Cat for wherever you end up? Check.

Looks like you’re ready to celebrate summer in style with the ones who matter most. Go chase that crush, ride that tide, take that hike, hit that beach…whatever you want. But just don’t do it alone. 

Brace for the impact, world. When a pack of Cool Cats comes together, there’s no stopping us!