Team Cool Cat at Miami Beach Pride.

This year, Cool Cat made a sparkling splash at the 15th anniversary of Miami Beach Pride, one of the most recognized Pride events in the world. The multi-day event included  a 2-day festival and parade, special events, community activations, social mixers, and world-class entertainment.

“At a time when LGBTQIA+ people are under increased attack, Miami Beach Pride is a beacon of hope for so many here in our beautiful and welcoming city.”

- Bruce Horwich, Miami Beach Pride Chairman

The Cool Cat team skates down the parade at Miami Beach Pride.

The event’s theme, “Growing Stronger Together”, aligned perfectly with our continuing vision. Yes, we will always be committed to diversity and inclusion, and yes, we will always celebrate people from all walks of life. But we are always aware that work still needs to be done, and it can’t be done alone. Only through unity and togetherness will we break down the barriers that still exist in the world and build a better future for everyone.

Cheers to the real ones who stand up for and support the LGBTQIA+ community today and every day. Together, we’re one unstoppable force.