Authority Magazine: Marketing Strategies From The Top: “Get Experiential”, With Rocco Venneri of Cool Cat

on June 17, 2021

How did you decide to market Cool Cat differently than other wine spritzers?

There is an urgent need for more diversity and inclusivity in the spirits and wine industry. As a minority myself, I wanted to see representation so I created a gender neutral, original, high-quality product inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. We are a brand that brings together likeminded individuals who share similar values and experiences — aka, a fearless community of Cool Cats. With a modern design and globally recognized name, Cool Cat represents so much more than “just a drink”. We’re a unique lifestyle brand that offers refreshing wine cocktail experiences with the ease and convenience of a canned drink.

How have people embraced the brand since you launched?

We have been very fortunate to find supportive distributor partners who stand behind our brand DNA and product. We have built a brand, not just a drink. Our partners are laser-focused on marketing and innovation, something we at Cool Cat continue to push as the industry evolves. We recently released our first commercial you can find on our Instagram account @drinkcoolcat. I wrote an original song with my good friend that best describes and represents the attitude of a Cool Cat. We like to approach everything we do with an optimistic mindset, after all we launched during the Covid pandemic.

What are your top 5 marketing tips for entrepreneurs as they launch a new business? Tips that translate for ANY type of business.

· Have a point-of-view that you can articulate clearly. Make sure you create a product or service that’s differentiated from what is currently in the market.

· Know who you are and where you’re going. This is essential when building a brand from the ground up. There will be a lot of outside noise and opinions from friends, family, colleagues, etc., but you can’t be everything to everyone. When building a successful brand, its critical to follow your instincts, know your audience and stay true to your vision.

· Be innovative and disruptive in your approach with the ultimate goal to stand out, not blend in. At Cool Cat, all of our ideas go through a filter — if an idea doesn’t make us say, “now that’s cool” we don’t pursue it. We want people to experience a “wow” factor any time they interact with the brand, so they’re inclined to share their experience with others.

· Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure — or better said, refining an original concept — is a natural part of the brand-building process. Knowing that not every idea will be a “winner” allows you to learn and grow. Even the best ideas often need to be tweaked in some way, shape or form.

· Get experiential. This is especially important for a beverage lifestyle brand. Visibility and product sampling opportunities are key. Increasingly, people want to get to know a brand and the people behind it. This year, we’ve been participating in Seltzerland events throughout the country and the opportunity to interact with people and to get their immediate feedback has been invaluable.

· Lastly, surround yourself with people who support your vision and dream. These are the people that will help you succeed with whom you want to share your success.


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