A hiker holds a can of Cool Cat Citrus Sparkling Cocktail on a mountain.

It’s no secret. Cool Cats live for adventure, and we seek the best of everything. The craziest hikes? We’ve conquered them. The most lit parties? We’re invited. The sickest vacations? See ya there. For us, weekend warriorism is an everyday expectation.

But when it comes to the promise of self-love, we sometimes neglect to deliver. Between the demands of work, school, social lives, and family, we’re pulled in so many different directions that we often forget to pause, look around, and connect with the natural beauty surrounding us.

It’s time to take that pause. It’s time to get back to nature.

A woman holds a can of Cool Cat Citrus Sparkling Cocktail on the beach.

When you expose yourself to the natural world, when you embrace simple living even just for a day, you cultivate a loving relationship with the one person who will always deserve it - yourself.  This love affair isn’t a selfish one. It involves being mindful of what YOU need so you can simply show up for the people who matter the most. Nature has the power to heal, both physically and emotionally, and it doesn’t even require a doctor’s appointment.

So take a ride through the mountains or hike through the forest. Let the crisp air and the endless sky invigorate your soul. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and the waterfalls crashing. Or hit up a beach, roll up your pant legs, feel the sand in your toes, and let the waves crash on your feet. Allow your worries and troubles to wash away with the tide, even if it’s just for a little while. 

In a world that’s filled with uncertainty, there is one thing that’s clear. Nature is a loyal companion that will never leave your side. It’s time to return to your roots. It’s time to return to yourself.


Refuel. Renew. Re-YOU. Cool Cat will be there every step of the way.