Four young people hold cans of Cool Cat wine spritzers at a party.

Let’s face it. We've been through it all these last few years - the good, bad, ugly, and everything in between. If we’ve learned anything from these experiences,  it’s that time is a precious commodity. Every moment counts, no matter if it’s big, small, surprising, or planned. The collection of these moments is what makes life worth living, and we shouldn’t take this gift for granted.

So, come along as we make this summer (and beyond) a life like no other—free, adventurous, and celebratory! That’s the Cool Cat way. 

Four young people sit poolside while holding cans of Cool Cat wine spritzers.

What is a Cool Cat? 

To start with the literal, Cool Cat is an award-winning sparkling cocktail in a 12 oz. can. Made from California white wine, Cool Cat offers four delicious flavors: Berry, Grapefruit, Citrus, and Elderflower Mint Lime. Better yet, our drinks contain a mere 140 calories, 2 grams of sugar per 12oz. can, and are gluten-free.

But in the grander scheme? Cool Cats are original and fearless leaders, driven by their heart, instinct, and talent. They own who they are, but without apology. They are you, me, and those people we call friends. 

Together, we celebrate life and being with one another. We try not to take things too seriously; we just want to enjoy the freedom of being authentically ourselves. We love good music, great food, fun drinks, and exploring this incredible world. We only have one life, right? So let’s get out there and live it!

A young woman holds a Grapefruit Cool Cat wine spritzer at a pool party.

Celebrate the fact that you’re alive. Gratitude looks good on you. 

Celebrate the small things you accomplish each day. Nobody should take themselves for granted. 

Celebrate the good that others do. Appreciation is contagious.

Celebrate out of the ordinary because you’re winning at life. Take that vacation, go on that blind date, buy that new car, or pop open that bottle of champagne simply because you can. Of course, you may want to crack open a few cans of Cool Cat, too. 

No matter what, do what makes you come alive because you only get one life. Kick average to the curb and live it like a Cool Cat.