A man in a Cool Cat sweatshirt stands before the field of the San Francisco 49ers/Levi’s Stadium.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is over, but that doesn’t mean the party is. Fall means crisp air, flannels, apple picking, bonfires, and…you guessed it - football! 

The good news is that Cool Cat is always in season, and for now, game day is what we’re all about. So huddle up for fantasy drama, fire pits, and field goals. We’re here to make sure you don’t fumble any opportunity to kick your parties up a notch.


We know your fantasy league is already underway. But let’s face it - After doing this for years, the same old routine can get a little stale. Why not host a party at your place so you can gloat in your opponents’ faces? When you get tired of bragging, lighten the mood and see who can come up with the best (or corniest) name for their team. Examples: The Berry Blitzers, The Citrus Sackers, The Grapefruit Grenades …ok so we’re a bit biased. Sue us.

The Cool Cat Wine Spritzer stand at the University of Miami Hurricanes Stadium.

Everyone loves a catchy name, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than coming up with the perfect last place punishment at the end of the season. They’re absurd and funny as hell, and they give everyone a reason to stay in the game. Better yet, they give you another reason to throw a party.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Grocery Run - A little public shaming never hurt anyone. Make the loser strip down to nothing but underwear, wear a two-sided cardboard sign with ‘Fantasy Football Loser’ written on it, and go to the grocery store with an embarrassing list. We’re thinking cucumber, cooking oil, and…well, use your imagination. Picture proof or didn’t happen. 

Lemonade - Said loser has to operate a functional lemonade stand for an entire day on a busy street in town. If you’re going to spike the drinks (we have a few ideas), make sure your customers are at least 21 and on foot. 

The Drink B*#!%* - This person will be required to purchase and serve all the drinks at next season’s draft party - That’s a lot of trips to the cooler! The good news is that more trips = more Cool Cats. Maybe it’s not such a horrible punishment after all.

So, what are you waiting for? Invite the gang over, crack open a few cans, and make this Cool Cat fantasy a reality.


Cans of Cool Cat Sparkling Cocktail in a cooler with ice.

Fantasy is not your thing? Not to worry. Being the athletic action seekers that we are, Cool Cat is the Official Wine Spritzer for the University of Miami Hurricanes and the San Francisco 49ers/Levi’s Stadium, making one of our favorite seasons a whole lot cooler. Whether you’re toasting to Tyler Van Dyke or cheering on Deebo Samuel through the TV screen, we’re gonna help you make Thursdays through Mondays some of the most badass nights of the week with a simple Football Viewing Party tutorial. Make sure to take notes.

The Cool Cat Sparkling Cocktail holds up foam fingers while wearing a University of Miami football jersey.

Be Football Snack Ready - No need to stress on party day. Serve easy-to-eat finger foods, chips, dips, and veggies. Set up multiple stations so the gang can spread out.

Quench that Thirst – With all the game day excitement, your guests will definitely need a beverage or two. Hut Hut hike! to the liquor store for all the essentials. Fill your cooler with ice and a variety of beers and sparkling cocktails so everyone can grab their favorite. Also set up a mixed cocktail station with a variety of liquors, mixers, and garnishes. Pick a few Cool Cat cocktail recipes and print them out so your guests can make their own. It quite literally is the perfect complement to your average beer chugging fest. (Make the word ‘recipes’ a link to our recipes)

Make It a “Tailgate” – Hopefully your neighbors are Cool Cats like us who crave the tailgate experience. Try setting up food stations in different driveways — bonus points if you decorate your truck and van and then load it up with food. Weather permitting, you may choose to hold the entire event outdoors. Project the game on a large screen, get the space heaters and fire pit going, and fire up the grill for some traditional favorites. Perfection. 

Two University of Miami Hurricanes fans cheers their cans of Cool Cat Wine Spritzers.

Play Touch Football – Burn off those party food calories with a game of touch football at halftime. We said touch, not tackle. Don’t get sent to the emergency room before the second half. 

Live it Up - There’s no better time than football season to bring family and friends together and forget about the outside world for a few hours a week.

Hands in the crowd of the University of Miami Hurricanes hold Cool Cat Wine Spritzers.

Follow these simple steps, and you can bet your guests will be begging for a repeat. We can’t guarantee a win for your favorite team, but one thing’s for sure - If Cool Cat is part of your playbook, you’ll always stay on top.